Permanent Makeup Prices

1st Session


  • Microblading: R1200
  • Powder Brows: R1300
  • Combo Brows: R1600 (Microblading + Microshading)


  • Eyeliner (top OR bottom): R1200
  • Eyeliner (top AND bottom): R1500
  • Lash Line Enhancement: R1200


  • Lip Liner: R1200
  • Full Lip Tint: R1600

10% discount on your 1st Session if you book and pay for your 2nd Session (Touch Up) at the same time.

2nd Session - 6 week Touch Up

Because everyone’s skin is so different, and various factors such as medication, hormones, health, and aftercare can influence your skin’s ability to retain pigment evenly, most procedures require two sessions. The second session, or Touch Up, is to refine the shape and adjust intensity or colour. The Touch Up is ideally done at 6 weeks once the pigment has fully settled.

To qualify as a Touch Up your 2nd Session must be done within 12 weeks of your 1st Session.


  • Microblading: R550
  • Powder Brows: R650
  • Combo Brows: R850


  • Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom): R600
  • Eyeliner (Top & Bottom): R750
  • Lash Line Enhancement: R600


  • Lip Liner: R650
  • Lip Tint: R850

Corrections & Touch Ups - if not our original work

These prices apply to corrections and touch ups on someone else's work.

  • A touch-up within 12 months will be 80% of the price of a new procedure
  • A touch-up after 12 months will be full price

If you require colour correction, removal, reshaping and or any other "fixing" a new procedure price could apply. We can discuss this at a free 10 minute consultation.

Please note:

  • Cancellations no later than 24 hours before appointments to avoid cancellation fees being invoiced
  • Payment terms - on the day of treatment
  • We accept cash, VISA & MasterCard credit cards and debit cards  (Budget from 3 - 24 months)


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