Pilates FAQ

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates and Yoga are similar in some aspects such as smooth controlled movements and the mind-body focus. However, Pilates focuses on an overall physical fitness incorporating exercise.

The better you become the more difficult the basic Pilates routines will become as your body provides more resistance and, being more aware of the muscles you are engaging, it becomes more challenging.

I have a problematic back/ back injuries, can I still do Pilates?

Definitely. As long as you have consent from your doctor/ surgeon/ physiotherapist, Pilates is recommended for rehabilitation of back problems. Because muscle imbalances are the main cause of back pain/ injuries, the only cure is to realign the body. Physio and Cortisone injections etc. are a merely symptom relief and not a way to prevent and correct.

I have sports injuries, what Pilates can I do.

As with back problems, depending on the injury, consent is needed and rehabilitation can commence. Nearly all physiotherapists will refer their patients to Pilates.

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant?

As long as you are experiencing a normal pregnancy and you have been doing Pilates for at least 3 months prior to falling pregnant, Pilates is great for the mother and unborn child. Pilates is great as it helps keep the woman's body in shape and lessens the time it takes post pregnancy for the body to reshape itself.

Is is suitable for people over the age of 50years old?

Because Pilates is a non-impact exercise, it is great for people of all ages. It is especially great for the elderly. It encourages movement, flexibility and joint mobility which eradicates pain and prevents injuries as the years pass on.

How old must a child be before they can do Pilates?

Children from the age of 12 can so Pilates. It is especially good for dancers and gymnasts who are looking to be the best of the best.

How often should I do Pilates to see results?

To see results, Pilates should be done at least twice to three times per week. It all depends on what the individual's goal is. i.e. toning, rehabilitation of an injury.


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