Beautifully defined eyebrows.

Powder or shaded eyebrows create a more dramatic feel to the brow by adding definition.

What are Powder / Shaded Brows?

Powder or Shaded Brows are carried out using a disposable needle where pigment is deposited 1mm into the dermis. This procedure leaves a shaded effect behind the eyebrow hair, or to fill in between microblading hair strokes. It leaves a "powdered" or "shaded" effect, as you would create using a pencil or powdered make-up to define the eyebrow.

Powder Brows are ideal if you have fairly good eyebrows of your own and just want to enhance their natural shape and give definition and fullness.

How long will my brows last?

Powder Brow is a permanent procedure and can last 5 - 8 years depending on many factors including after care as well as skin type.


The procedure is mainly for those clients who want to enhance their natural eyebrows for a fuller look. However, this will be discussed with each client at their appointment.


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