Microblading at a glance.

Fine hair-like strokes made with a hand tool to create the illusion of beautiful natural looking eyebrows.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is carried out using a disposable micro blade where pigment is deposited into the dermis which look like fine eyebrow hairs.

A manual tool is used to beautifully fill up sparse brows, and it's perfect for those who have lost brow hair in patches.

We design and draw your  brows according to your face shape and proportion, and we agree on the shape and fullness before we start the procedure. 

Microblading is great for men who require more definition and a fuller brow.

How long will my brows last?

3D Microblading is often referred to as semi-permanent as it starts to fade from 12-24 months depending on many factors including after care as well as skin type. You will need a colour boost when it has faded.


The procedure is mainly for those clients who want to enhance their natural eyebrows for a fuller look. However, this will be discussed with each client at their appointment.

Depending on how the skin is able to retain the pigmented strokes, microblading may be followed by a little shading to add shading in between the hair strokes, as you would with a brow pencil or powder.



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