Enhance your lips with colour for a fuller look.

Never worry about smudged lipstick, or lipstick sticking to your teeth again!

Permanent lip liner/lip tint is the simplest way to ensure you always look your best. You will never have to worry about smudged lipstick or lipstick sticking to your teeth again!

A natural lip tint is fantastic for anyone really! For women on the go, moms short on time, and active and sporty women who love nothing better than to pop a gloss stick in their purse to keep lips moist, a lip tint is the ideal way to have luscious fresh lips all day long. When you need more colour, or a more dramatic look for night time, you can simply apply lipstick as normal.

Whether you prefer a darker lip liner for definition with a complimentary full lip tint, or a pretty full lip shade for an even cover, you'll have luscious colour morning noon and night, no matter what you're up to!

More men are having their lips tinted too, where pigment may have been lost, or simply to add a discreet blush of colour.

What are the Different Types of Procedures?

Lip-liner: The procedure is carried out using a disposable needle where pigment is deposited 1.5mm into the liner of the lip. This defines the outer lip area only.

Full Lip Colour / Tint: The procedure is carried out using a disposable needle where pigment is deposited into the lip. A lip tint is a very light tint over the entire lip and a full lip is using a more vibrant colour to give the effect of lipstick.

How long does the Permanent Lip Colour last?

Lip liner/tints are permanent procedures that last for 5 - 8 years depending on many factors including after care as well as skin type.


The procedure is mainly for those clients who want to enhance their lips with a colour for a fuller look. However, this will be discussed with each client at their appointment.


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