Permanent Make Up

You're beautiful - enhance your natural features with permanent makeup

Pilates & Yoga

Strive to be the best version of you - strengthen your body, your mind, your soul

Microblading at a glance.

Fine hair-like strokes made with a hand tool to create the illusion of beautiful natural looking eyebrows.

Beautifully defined eyebrows.

Powder or shaded eyebrows create a more dramatic feel to the brow by adding definition.

Wake up with make-up!

This procedure is just perfect for those clients who want to wake up and look like they are ready to go.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows.

Combination of Microblading and Microshading to create a beautifully shaped brow.

Enhance your lips with colour for a fuller look.

Never worry about smudged lipstick, or lipstick sticking to your teeth again!

The benefits of the Mind - Body connection.

We offer group Yoga classes by a certified Yoga Instructor who is passionate about movement and the benefits of the mind -


Pilates engages and strengthens specifically the core muscles. Pilates is based on using your core effectively to achieve certain physical goals.

123-TATTOO-FREE® Removes the Tattoo in 1-3 sessions, utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with our unique but virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process. There is NO other method that

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123 tattoo Free

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